Muay Thai Class


The MUAY THAI class covers the basic elements of Authentic Muay Thai (an ancient martial art, the national sport of Thailand and a major component in Mixed Martial Arts training) in a safe and controlled environment.


The student will learn the science of eight limbs; to punch, elbow, knee and kick. Training includes skipping rope, conditioning drills, body weight exercises, shadow boxing, offensive and defensive techniques, Thai pad work and/or heavy bag work, clinching and kneeing and core strengthening.


All skill and fitness levels are welcome. Sparring is practiced on specific days and times.



This class is not open to first-timers or beginners. The 2-hour session is run like the legendary Sityodtong in Thailand. Students are expected to keep busy (skip rope, shadow box, heavy bag work, etc.). Training includes pad work, clinch and kneeing and sparring. Muay Thai Fight Camp is a prerequisite for those interested in training for competition.



Wai Kru translated means “Respect to Teacher”. It is a ceremonial dance performed prior to a bout. The class teaches several different Wai Kru’s including “Phom See Na” and “Chang Chu Uang,” which is specific to Sityodtong Camp in Thailand. Variations will be given to suit each level. It is required for all Team Sityodtong LA fighters to learn and perform the Wai Kru.